About Us

When Tony De Feria (at left) met Paul Jackson, Camomoth's inventor, at a church event near their homes, they hit it off and ultimately, decided to do business together. With Paul providing sales acumen and Tony providing marketing through his company, tdeferiamedia, inc., they formed an effective team to create Camomoth® and its associated lines of clothing.

Here's Camomoth at a glance:

  • Invented by Paul Jackson
  • Designed by Tony De Feria, www.tdeferiamedia.com
  • Launch photography by Max Sharpe
  • High quality products and it's all designed and printed in the U.S.A
  • Located in Atlanta, GA and Palm Harbor, FL
  • CEO: Paul Jackson
  • Email: info@camomoth.com
  • Call: 1.877.477.4710
  • Social links (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)