Introducing Camomoth®

The name Camomoth® and original print design is inspired by Mother Nature’s own Army Camouflage Moth. 

Moths camouflage themselves to protect against many predators. They match their surroundings and essentially, blend in. In fact, by altering their appearance, they telegraph that they are distatesful.  

Camouflage moths are found just about everywhere in rural and urban environments. We chose its pattern for the beauty of its complexity, unique coloring and distinctive patterning.

We hope you enjoy your new Camomoth® garment and we invite you to join our movement.

Camomoth® is an environmentally friendly company that supports nature.  

Again, we were "Inspired by Nature" when we invented this high quality clothing line.

And remember, although moths are mostly seen by moonlight, it’s ok for you to be seen wearing Camomoth any time! Get special offers when you share pics on Camomoth social media outlets of yourself and others wearing Camomoth.


Materials and Manufacturing

Since we chose to use high quality sublimation due to its long lasting color retention, polyester fabric was a must because of the heat process. It took us FOREVER to find a polyester that was lightweight like we wanted and felt as soft as cotton. Combine this with the natural wicking properties of polyester and we have a material that you will want to wear all the time! We decided to cut and sublimate each piece of the garment separately so we could place logos and artwork exactly where we wanted and make it a part of the sublimation process. This makes sure our logos will never peel off like most other brands. Even the care instructions are sublimated so they won’t wear off either!

Camomoth is an environmentally friendly company that supports nature. We do not use ink on whole rolls of fabric. We cut each piece of the garment separately from the large bland rolls and then heat treat (sublimate) with the ink. In addition to the artwork options, this process keeps all the extra ink waste from landfills. Yes, this is extra work but it saves waste in both money and unneeded materials.

All Camomoth products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA. 

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